AC/DC Doku on german TV Station "ARTE"
Friday, 07.01.2005, ARTE, 00.25 Uhr, 60 Minutes The Dokumentation from Niels Folta over the Hardrock - Band AC/DC tell the history about the anglo-australian Band and present musical raritys.
The Rockabilly Tribute to AC/DC
For those about to rockabilly... this tribute album is for you.  Songs: 01  Highway to Hell 02  You Shook Me All Night Long 03  Jailbreak 04  Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 05  Rocker 06  Rock N Roll Damnation 07  Shot Down In Flames 08  Heatseeker 09  Ride On 10  For Those About To Rock
Photobook "AC/DC Hardrock LIVE 1976 - 1980" now available
German Starphotographer Bubi Heilemann take a lot of brilliant AC/DC pics from 1976 - 1980. In this 224 pages book are 200 Photos and the book is in english and german.
BRIAN JOHNSON adds voice to a Computer game
Vocalist Brian Johnson brings his signature voice, honed over the years as the front man for the famed legendary rock band AC/DC. Johnson's character plays the leading role during the harrowing British campaign in Finest Hour, for which Johnson carries an important personal connection. His father served as a Sergeant Major of the British Army's Durham Light Infantry, and Johnson brought much of his father's experience as a "Desert Rat" to his character in the game.
DAVE EVANS first AC/DC-Singer release new album
Dave Evans short time AC/DC-Singer in 1974 release on 25.10.2004 his new album "Sinner". It was recorded in Australia and mixed in Germany.
Next Friday 1st October 2004, Melbourne will be the first city in Australia to honour a rock n roll band by having a street named after them. On that day a laneway called Corporation Lane (off Flinders Lane) will be renamed ACDC Lane after much campaigning by fans of the band.
Brian Johnson and Cliff Williams on benefit concert
The Radiostation K-Rock organize an benefit concert for the vitims of Hurricane Charley. Featuring Brian Johnson and Cliff Williams of AC/DC, Lou Gramm and Dennis Elliott of Foreigner and Brian Howe, formerly of Bad Company. Opening act was Foreigner followed by Bad Company, at last Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams, Lou Reed, Dennis Elliot, Brian Howe and a local guy played: (not in right order) Back In Black, You Shook Me All Night Long, Highway to Hell, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Whole Lotta Rosie, T.N.T (Twice), Cliff announced Brian's voice was "shot", during the encore, but Brian came back out shirtless and belted out T.N.T
for the second time for the encore. The local muscians did a good job playing the tunes with (as Brian mentioned) "only 2 days of rehearsal".
SOLD! Angus Young’s famous schoolboy blazer for $8,586
The Rock n’ Roll memorabilia auction was of items collected by the late Wane “Swampy” Jarvis who was a much loved and respected member of the global entertainment industry. An audience of over 150 people clapped and cheered when Angus Young’s (AC/DC) famous schoolboy blazer, was knocked down for $8,586 to a private collector.
Australia shame on his Stars?
After month of discussion the Australian City Melbourne do not change the Swanson Street, where AC/DC 1975 played her Video-Clips, "It's a long Way to the Top", in AC/DC Lane. A lot of businnesspeople are against the new name. All AC/DC fans worldwide can now protest and support the AC/DC Lane.
Brian Johnson and Cliff Williams are to headline a benefit concert
Brian Johnson and Cliff Williams are to headline a benefit concert in aid of the victims of Hurricane Charley. The concert will be held at the Germain Arena Estero on the 10th September and is sponsored by the radio station 96 K-Rock. Brian Howe (formerly of Bad Company) is also lined up to appear at the show. Proceeds from the show will benefit the American Red Cross and the Hurricane Charley Disaster Relief fund.
Brian Johnson with Twisted Sister
Brian Johnson made a guest appearance at the "Rock and Blues Custom Show 2004" at Penrich Derbyshire England , Saturday 31st July 2004. Brian joined Twisted Sister during their set and performed a version of Whole Lotta Rosie with Dee Snider.
New AC/DC Tribute CD
Rufftown records have released an AC/DC Tribute album titled "AC/DC We Salute You" .
"Toronto Rocks" DVD now released
Toronto Rocks has now been released and is available to buy in the Worldwide release format and the Canadian Edition format. The Canadian Edition features tracks by all the artists that performed at the Toronto Rocks concert on the 30th July 2003. Here are the setlist of the worldwide version: The Have Love Will Travel Revue: - Skybox Ballroom Pump The Flaming Lips: - Race For The Prize - Do You Realise The Have Love Will Travel Revue: - Dig Myself A Hole The Isley Brothers: - Who's That Lady - Shout Justin Timberlake: - Senorita
The Have Love Will Travel Revue: - Time Won't Let Me The Guess Who: - American Woman - No Time Rush: - Limelight - Freewill - Spirit Of Radio AC/DC: - Back In Black - Thunderstruck Rolling Stones: - Start Me Up - Ruby Tuesday - Miss You (feat. Justin T.)  - Rock Me Baby (feat. Angus and Malcolm Young, AC/DC) - Satisfaction  - Jumpin' Jack Flash BONUS MATERIAL: - The Group Photo - Exclusive Backstage Footage
 - Justin Timberlake meets The Rolling Stones - AC/DC Rocking with The Stones - Director's Chair - Get The Party Started.
AC/DC's Brian Johnson journeys to Sparta and Troy
Brian vistit for "GODDESS ODYSSEY TELEVISION" one week the stations of Helen Of Troy, Sparta, (Greece) and Troy (Turkey) for a modern look at the path of the lovers whose passion destroyed a civilization. Brian’s newest songwriting project is a musical theater production based on Helen of Troy.
AC/DC singer Brian Johnson plagued by gremlins
WATKINS GLEN Sunday 6th June, Brian spent the weekend with his wife Brenda at "Watkins Glen International" for the "Chemung Canal Trust Historic Races", but not as a spectator. Brian was racing his very rare "Royale RP-4", which was introduced in 1970 and is one of only 12 British-made cars in existence. The "Royale" was built by upstarts in an engineering company who felt they could build a better machine than the auto manufacturers. However, Sunday the "Royale" wasn't at its peak. "We haven't run very well here this weekend," Johnson said. "We've had a carburetor problem, but we're trying some new carburetors out. It's like anything else. It takes time to get the kinks worked out, so we're a little off the pace." In Sunday's Rolex Vintage enduro race, Johnson was 21 laps off the pace, finishing 37th in a 44-car field. Brenda's pace was considerably better as she finished 27th in a 1957 "Austin Healey Sprite". This is the first time since 1998 the Johnsons have raced at "The Glen".
AC/DC Lane in Melbourne 
Melbourne City Council are considering renaming Corporation Lane, a narrow alley which runs off Flinders Lane, AC/DC Lane as a tribute to the band. Corporation Lane is nearby to "Swanson Street" which is the street that the band filmed the promo video to "It's a long way to the top" on the back of a truck. A decision on the renaming of street is likely to be made in the next month. If the street gets named in honour of the band it will be the second street to be named in honour of the band , as "Calle de AC/DC" in Legannes , Madrid was named after the band in 2000.
Epic/Sony release the last 2 AC/DC Albums.
Epic/Sony release the last 2 AC/DC Albums "Ballbreaker" and "Stiff Upper Lip", on 21st June 2004. So they have released the complete backcataloge from AC/DC. So the old record company is out of the game.
Warner Music Canada is set to release 'SARStock' DVDs
A two DVD set of the SARStock concert is set to be released on the 22nd June. The set, called Toronto Rocks!, will feature performances by concert headliners the Rolling Stones, as well as the 12 other acts on the bill, including AC/DC, Rush and the Flaming Lips.
Former AC/DC bass player Mark Evans had an Car accident
Former AC/DC bass player Mark Evans was treated for minor neck injuries after being involved in a crash in the taxi he was being driven in. Thankfully Mark hopes to be back playing with his good friend Dave Tice (formerly of Buffalo) at gigs in Sydney Bridge Hotel on the 4th and 11th of May.
DVD from Circus 2003 not planed
According AC/DC bandmembers the concert from Munich Circus Krone are not planed at the time for a release as DVD or Video. At first they want to release the new Album, then they decide what happens with the Munich 2003 material.
Shakira Covers AC/DC At DVD And CD
At Shakiras "Live and Off the Record" releasing on March 30th, featured on both the DVD and CD of the release will be a cover version of AC/DC's "Back in Black".
"30 Years AC/DC" Special At German Hammer Magazine 03/2004
At the german Hammer Magazine March/2004, are an 12 pages special about 30 Years of AC/DC, with many nice pics.
AC/DC Interview At German Rock Hard Magazine 02/2004
At german Rock Hard Magazin 02/2004 is an interview with BrianJohnson,  Angus and Malcolm Young.
The Interview is from 21.10.2003.
New Album To Be 'Harder' Than The Last
Brian Johnson told Italy's Rock Hard magazine that the band will definitely come out with a new studio album in 2004 and that guitarist Angus Young has written "harder" riffs than "Stiff Upper Lip". Johnson also said he will be handling lyrics this time around, which will mark the first time since 1988's "Blow Up Your Video" that Johnson will be penning lyrics for the band. He also said that a world tour will coincide with the release of the new album.
Brian Johnson Preforming Again
Brian Johnson enter the stage on 09.01.04 at the recent "Thunder by the Bay" Bike Festival ? charity event, for a few songs with the Greg Billings Band, including a version of "You shook me all night long".
Brian Johnson Preforming For Charity
Brian Johnson is performing at the Sunday, 1st February 2004, for Sammy Charity Shows, at 4pm and 8pm, at Newcastle City Hall. More details are available regarding the tribute Charity concerts in the memory of Newcastle actor Sammy Johnson at: Community Foundation In 2002 Brian want to preform at the show too, but it was canceld.